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Aao Wish Karein

What’s It About
To become a part of a fairy tale, it is important to believe in it… is the tagline of the film. A twelve year old boy loves a girl who is twenty two years old. He wishes to be grown up so that she can appreciate and reciprocate his love instead of treating him like a kid. He throws a coin in a wishing well and next morning he turns into a six feet well built guy in his early twenties. As it happens in fairy tales, he wins her love and also solves his parents’ financial problems. Everything goes according to his wishes but as the wedding day arrives, he is told that he will once again become a kid because the girl is unaware of this fact that she was actually going to marry a twelve year old boy.

Creative Touch 
The basic idea of the film is that if you firmly believe in your dream, no matter how impossible it looks, it will come true. But the message is not properly communicated here. The story itself neither caters to the children nor the adults and remains somewhere in between. The treatment of the film is very outdated. Like there is this ballet dance class which looked like a mockery of this professional form of dance. And to top it all, in a dance class of junior girls, a twenty year old guy gets admission. The incidents are absurd and no attention is given to the continuity. For instance, Aftab gives his sister a doll. After this, funnily there is a scene in a song where he sees his kid sister demanding for the same doll in a shop. The close up of Rohan Shah, playing a Sardar kid, could have been avoided as it clearly shows his mane having a neat haircut.

Star Value
Aftab tries to adopt the body language of a kid but ends up looking like a retard. Aamna Sharif looks lost as her character is not well defined. She looks very artificial. Johnny Lever makes a fool of himself in a character weirdly named Hitchcock. Rati Agnihotri looks too obese.

A Rehash
A bad amalgamation of Tom Hank’s Big and Salman Khan’s Chandramukhi.

Technical Expertise
The songs instead of taking the film forward are a hindrance and add to the already slow pace of the film. The editing needs to be crisper as there are lot of unnecessary shots. The sets are pathetic and the outdoor locations look very artificial. The background music is no good either. The situations instead of being comic are just plain irritating. The costumes are out of fashion and look hideous. Which kid wears suspenders today that Aftab wears them to look like a kid? Dialogues are mundane.

Director’s Cut
The direction lacks depth. There is no character building except for the main lead. The twist and turns do not create the required impact like the one where Aftab takes Aamna to his bedroom and she doubts his intentions is not well picturised. Only a few moments in the film are funny and that is not enough to make up for a fun film.

Box Office
Aao Wish Karen is trapped between a children’s fairy tale and love story and has no prospects at the box office.

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