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Academy president John Bailey defends Steven Spielberg over his comments on Netflix

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences president John Bailey defended Steven Spielberg over his opposition to films debuting on streaming services competing for Oscars. He says, that the ace filmmaker has not only been misrepresented but also demonised by the media.

According to reports, during an interaction Spielberg had once said, “You commit to a television format, you’re a TV movie” and argued that if it’s good, it deserves an Emmy but not an Oscar.

In an interview, when Bailey was asked if veteran filmmakers are insecure about digital mediums such as Netflix, he responded Spielberg’s comments were inaccurately presented.

According to him, “As a president, I have to be very careful about what I say in public because I just can’t express my own opinion. I can say this because Steven is a governor in the director’s branch that he was misrepresented.”

Bailey during a media interaction blamed Hollywood publications for the misinformation.

Adding to this he also said that “Spielberg was demonised for what he said and it was not completely accurate. There’s a lot of misinformation… There’s no point in singling out a Steven Spielberg or a Chris Nolan or a Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer at Netflix) on Netflix. We are all filmmakers and we will find a way out.”

Earlier, Spielberg’s comments had sparked a debate in Hollywood about whether movies distributed by Netflix with a limited theatrical release deserve Oscar recognition.

John Bailey also mentioned big studios like Disney, Paramount and Warner Bros will be launching their own streaming services and he believes that will change the scenario. He stated, “There was a lot of pressure. But this was not the year to make changes, especially when the studios are changing. We will see where we are a year or two from now. Netflix will be different. We surely know Disney and Paramount will be different.” That’s why Netflix is creating more original content because they are going to lose access to Hollywood feature films.

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-Manisha Karki

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