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Ada… A Way Of Life

Dad always knows best. But in this case, he definitely does not! When a father asks his son to sacrifice his dream to become a writer and chase another dream, the protagonist meekly agrees – and becomes a killer instead.

The story revolves around a young man Ayaan (Ayaan Ahmad), whose father Anil (Rahul Roy) is a writer and a noble human being. Ayaan’s gentle world turns upside down when Anil starts receiving death threats if he goes ahead with his testimony against some criminals. His father’s murder sets Ayaan on a course of revenge and killing against criminals in Mumbai and he goes on to become a contract killer.

Before his father dies, he asks Ayaan to promise and erase all evil and make the world a better place. After Ayaan goes on a killing spree, he always ends up in the same corridor of the same building, making you wonder whether this is an adda where criminals hang out. The song sequence, where the female protagonist, Gul (Nauheed Cyrusi), sings away to glory while waiting for Ayaan, is unbalanced and fixated. The only pleasing parts are the monologue that set the attitude of the film.

Director Tanvir Ahmad has gone above and beyond to make his son’s debut a watchable film but in vain. His technique of portraying the story, scene by scene, is weak. Cinematography is average. Music by A R Rahman is alright.

Performance-wise, Ayaan Ahmad needs to brush up on his skills, if he has any. Ayesha Jhulka is believable in her part as the naïve mother. Rahul Roy is just about okay. Nauheed Cyrusi has limited scope. Milind Gunaji is wasted. Saurabh Dubey is loud and often irritating.

Verdict: Flop.

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