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After the success of Queen, Lalit Paikray and Rabindra Kishore Sarkar to produce a new single with a mystery singer! Guess who?

Riding high on the super success of his recently released music video album- Queen featuring Miss India USA 2016 - Priya Patel (sung by Aditya Narayan), producer Lalit Paikray of Binnis Hotel Cinema and Rabindra Kishore Sarkar are all set for the next musical album with a very popular singer, considered to be the young sensation in Bollywood's music industry currently. That's the only clue Lalit gives away at this juncture. "I'm  going to announce the name this singer shortly," quips Lalit. He further adds, "The singer will also be seen in this album. The album will be shot either at Portugal, Greece or Indonesia." Well, till then looks like we will have to keep guessing!  In the meantime, Queen has clocked more than 2.5 lakh viewers till date and its still counting!

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