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Against All Odds

Remember Munda Tu Hai Punjabi Sona, the album sung by Jaspinder Narula which released in 1998 and went on to become an instant hit? What we didn’t know is that the album was composed by Sanjeev Shrivastav, who had also composed an album called Hai Na! sung by Narula.


I was inclined towards music from a very young age. My mother was a classical singer and I learnt to sing from her. I happened to be a very good singer and even won many competitions. I finally decided I wanted to be a singer when I was in college. Then I happened to meet RD Burman, who encouraged me and I gave many auditions. He suddenly passed away and I almost stopped thinking about my music career and began concentrating on academics instead.


Once I finished college, I began to frequent Prithvi Theatre and I met Anurag Kashyap there. He was new and struggling too. So we sort of bonded very well. It was his idea that I start composing music, and without any knowledge of music, I gave it a try.

First Break

My first break as a composer came in 1998, when I composed an album for Jaspinder Narula called Hai Na! and Munda Tu Hai Punjabi Sona. Both songs became superhits instantly. Those were the times when a good album worked wonders. I have also composed a music album for singers Preeti and Pinky and with Meet Brothers. After that, I did a lot of work with Sahara channel.

Dark Days

Although I started my career a very long time ago and I met many big directors who liked my work, things were just not falling into place. For instance, I had composed the songs of many films but none of them released. It hurt me deeply to watch juniors get ahead while I was stuck.

But I did not succumb to desperation and frustration. I was patient and kept on working. This helped me avoid all sorts of pitfalls and I am working on a very interesting project now.

On Revolver Rani

I met director Sai Kabir long ago and we became friends. During those days, we did a film called Chemistry but the film never saw the light of the day. But we shared a very close bond and always shared our work with each other. One day, Kabir told me about Revolver Rani. He was telling me about the scripting and while writing the screenplay, he asked to do the songs so that when we delivered a narration to a producer, they would be able to listen to the music too. We made 15-20 songs and 10 of them will be used in the film.

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