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Ajit Sable's Fandi from July 20

Coming from Khanapur in Kolhapur, Ajit Sable came to Mumbai to become a film maker. Having worked in theatre, television and movies, he is all set to make his directorial debut with Fandi.

Sable has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film. The story of Fandi is based on Sable's personal experiences. The story is about how for personal gains people use superstition and blind faith.

Produced by Dhwaj Creation, the film has been shot the Aajra taluka of Kolhapur and at Chitranagri in Mumbai. Presented by Sayali Shashikant Patankar, the film is produced by Rajesh Kharkar, Sayali Patankar and Mahendra Somase. Lyrics and music are by Kunal-Karan. The cast includes Arun Nalavade, Bhushan Ghadi, Nitin Anand Bodare, Sandeep Juwatkar, Vishal Sawant, Amol Desai, Baba Karde, Satish Hande, Phiroze Fakir, Bhagyashri Shinde, Sneha Sonawane, Sugandha Sawant and Chanda Jamble.

Fandi releases on July 20.

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