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Ajith to do a Hindi film with Boney Kapoor?

Ajith is shooting for Nerkonda Paarvai, the remake of the Amitabh Bachchan – Taapsee starrer Pink. The film marks the debut of Boney Kapoor as producer in Tamil cinema. Kapoor who has seen the rushes of the film, seems to be very happy with whatever has been done till now.

He took to his Twitter account to share his happiness about Ajith and his performance. Check out the tweet here:

It is no surprise that Boney Kapoor is impressed by Thala Ajith, given that in every movie Ajith manages to impress with his style and charisma. But if Ajith agrees to one of the scripts that Kapoor has in mind, it would indeed be amazing to see him in a Hindi film.

If you are wondering if this would be his first outing in Hindi, it is not. Ajith has appeared in a Hindi film before and that too as an antagonist. The film was Asoka starring Shah Rukh Khan. Check out Ajith here in Asoka.

Shah Rukh Khan and Ajith in Asoka

To fulfil Sridevi’s wishes, Ajith agreed to be a part of Nerkonda Paaravai. He will also be doing another film with Boney Kapoor in Tamil. But if the Hindi film also happens, it would indeed be a treat for not just Tamil audiences, but Bollywood too. The Hindi audiences will get to see what the Thala Ajith phenomenon is all about!

Till then, we are happy to have another Ajith film in the theatres. Nerkonda Paarvai will hit screens on August 10. For more updates on the movie and other Kollywood news, stay tuned to Box Office India.

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