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What’s It About
Loosely based on the much loved ‘Aladdin And The Magic Lamp’, the story Aladin revolves around Aladin (Riteish Deshmukh), a simpleton bullied since childhood by Kasim (Sahil Khan) and his gang who force him to rub lamps as a mockery to his name. One fine birthday, Jasmine (Jacqueline Fernandes) gifts him a lamp, a magic lamp! Enter rock star genie, Genius (Amitabh Bachchan) and Aladin’s life undergoes a major change. While the genie is in a rush to grant his three wishes and retire, Aladin is clueless as to what to wish for! The only thing on his mind being the beautiful Jasmine, he uses all three wishes to make her fall in love with him. On a parallel line, the ringmaster and ex-genie (Sanjay Dutt) is plotting to kill Aladin and reduce the genie to mere human in a bid to get back his own powers and rule over the world. 

Creative Touch
Small details like the shop’s name ‘The Antique Thing Store’ and the canteen, ‘Chaipiyoji’ make one smile and appreciate the attention to detail. The sets are beautiful, though not reminiscent of the Arabian Nights, still, the winding lanes, bridges and castle like buildings sure make for a believable fable-land. Costumes deserve a special mention as well.

Star Value
As it happened with Bhoothnath, so is the case here: Amitabh Bachchan’s image is too larger than life to pass off as a genie. Same is the case with Sanjay Dutt. His character overshadows Riteish who portrays the simpleton Aladin. Riteish for his part acts well; it seems natural without much effort. Newcomer Jacqueline Fernandes exceeds all expectations; she is beautiful, expresses well and dances effortlessly!

A Rehash
The folk: Aladin And The Magic Lamp.

Technical Expertise
The sets and special effects are high class. The introduction scene of the ringmaster and his troop is effective! The first half is a visual overdose with songs galore. Second half could have been more intense and ‘magical’ but falls a little flat.

Director’s Cut
Sujoy Gosh has aimed to make this one purely as a children’s entertainer hoping they will bring their family in tow.

Box Office
The fact that kids these days have moved on from Aladin to Pokemon and Nintendo does seem to have had an effect on this film. Aladin has a very disappointing opening response and chances of salvation seem negligible.

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