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Alia Bhatt is spending her quarantine with boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor? - read details

After Prime Minister announced nationwide lockdown, a video of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt had surfaced online wherein the two were seen walking around Ranbir’s building with his dog and since then it was roumored that the duo is living together. And now in a recent interview with a leading daily, Alia Bhatt's mom Soni Razdhan also was asked about the sisters, the Raazi actress confirmed that Alia Bhatt and Shaheen are not living together amid lockdown.

As the television channels are re-running their old shows on TV, Soni’s show, Buniyaad, is also running. On being asked if her daughters are watching the re-run of her show and to this, Soni said that Alia and Shaheen live separately but Soni informed that she has told them to watch it. “I have no idea whether they are or not. I am sure, they will. I think they will enjoy it because they both love anything which has depth,” she said. 

Soni was further asked that what are her daughters up to during the lockdown, she said that while Shaheen is busy writing, Alia Bhatt has taken an online writing course and reading. "Both of them are cooking some meals, as well. Both of them are chipping in and doing a little bit they can do. It’s not a question of keeping busy, it’s doing what’s required. Everybody is doing their stuff, they are no exceptions to that," she said.

Not only this, but there were also the speculations about Ranbir not being a part of the actress' birthday celebrations at all. But now, it turns out, Ranbir wasn't just a part of the birthday celebrations, but he also baked a cake on Alia's birthday this year. It was during Chef Harsh's Instagram live session that this secret was revealed.

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