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Airlift is making waves – and money – at the box office and the audience has been bowled over by the performances in the film. Apart from Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur, who play the lead roles, Kumud Mishra is also receiving a big applause for his performance. This week, we spoke to the actor about his journey with this film.

On response

The response has been very touching and way beyond my expectations. Everyone I know has been calling me and messaging me, saying how much they loved my character. It is interesting to see how one can make an impact even with so little screen time. That means the entire film is very good.

On being offered Airlift

I got a call from the casting team of Vicky Sidana. When I went to meet the director, I liked the way he was treating his actors, the way he was narrating the script. There was something very positive about his approach. I heard the narration and liked the story but I was sceptical about whether this film would work in India. Films like this had never been made in India and I wondered whether the audience would connect with it. But when I arrived on the sets and started shooting, everything became clear to me as I could see the vision of my director and how he was treating the film. When the film released, every last shred of doubt vanished.

On his character

My character largely communicates on the phone, just passing on messages. But the audience connected with my character as the brief given to me by my director helped me build an image and the character. The character is not a married man, he loves with his father and comes to office on time and leaves on time. He is laidback, like most Indians are. He is an honest man but he doesn’t go all out to announce that he is honest. He lives his own life. I was able to get into the character because my director had a clear vision of what he wanted from me. He told me my character was second-most important after Akshay.

On Raja Krishna Menon

As I mentioned, I was sceptical about the script but I signed this film only due to my director. The first time I met him, I liked him as he had a very positive approach. We spoke about everything his liked, my likes and we found a lot in common. I also like the way he sees things, every situation. He was clear about what he wanted and how he wanted it, which helped the entire film and every actor to play their respective parts.

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