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Always Teamwork

For dancer Dharmesh Yelande of ABCD and ABCD 2 fame, acting might have happened by chance but he sure is enjoying the process of learning to be in front of the camera. And of course, dance remains his first love.

Life after ABCD

ABCD totally changed my life. When I came to Mumbai to participate in DID, I had no long-term plans. DID brought me into the limelight but not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would act some day. Remo sir gave me that opportunity and today people also see an actor in me. To me, dancing is not a task but acting is and I am learning to act now.


One day, Remo sir told me that he was making a sequel and I should keep my dates free. I grew very excited because I was going to work with the team again. Then he told us that Varun and Shraddha would play the lead pair. I thought they would probably throw starry tantrums but from the very first day they struck up a rapport with us. They became like family and gave 100 per cent to learn dancing. So while they learnt to dance from us, we learnt to act from them. The workshops brought us closer and that chemistry is evident in the film.

On learning

Remo sir was very clear about how he wanted to shoot the film. So in some scenes, you can see that Varun is in the fourth line. Because the film was about the Nallasopara boys, which means it was about the group. So Remo sir concentrated on working on the entire group rather than on one lead. Prabhu (Prabhudheva) sir too played a huge role. Working with him made us understand that one always has to be down to earth. He used to ask us to show him a step and then do it all by himself just by looking at us. He is a director and a choreographer but he always listened to everyone.

Team work

One can’t achieve anything in life without the people around one. Similarly, when we do a reality show or when we make a film, team work is very important. While making a film, it’s not just the actor, director and music composer, even the assistant directors, cameraman and everyone else puts in their best to make a film possible. Team ABCD is now like a family, where Remo sir is our father. We worked together for nine months and now that the film and the promotions are over, we miss being together.

On response to ABCD 2

The response is phenomenal. People didn’t stop calling me after the film released. It’s such a unique feeling when people call you and appreciate your work. Today, people don’t look at me as a dancer only but they also see some potential in me as an actor. I have got a few offers for some big films but I can announce them only once they are signed.

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