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Always In Turmoil

Pan Nalin’s upcoming Hindi film Angry Indian Goddesses is up for release. The film, which is all about female bonding, is a rollercoaster ride with myriad emotions and many a spilled secret as an impromptu bachelorette party gets underway. This week, Rajshri Deshpande shares her experience during the making of this film. Over to her:

On bagging the role

Someone suggested that I forward my profile to Dilip. He called me for a meeting, we met for dinner, and our director was also present there. We were chatting casually but there was this guy with a camera who was also shooting us. Prior to this meeting, I had filled out a form at their office which required me to write about my personal life. So Dilip asked me about my travelling experiences rather than my acting experiences. He was more interested in my personal life experiences. As that was more important to them. And then, just like that, they told me I was doing the film.

On Her character

I play a character called Lakshmi. She is nothing like me but the character has traits which are very relatable to a woman of today. Somewhere, all of us experience the same emotions. My character is very reserved about her internal journey. Lakshmi is in constant struggle. But she is also fun and the coolest person I have ever known.

On Workshop

Nalin used to give us homework, lots of homework. For instance once we all had to go out for dinner while in character. With Sarah (Jane Dias) and I play childhood friends, so we had to go back 15 years and behave like 16-year-olds would during the workshop. I didn’t know Sarah at all, so we developed a bond, we discussed our respective childhoods, about how we were and how we could create some chemistry between us. Some scenes had no dialogue and we communicated only with our eyes.

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