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Is Aly the new mastermind of the house?

The Disco Night continues as the contestants dance their way to become the captain of the house. As the task progresses, the contestants are strategizing their next move more carefully and making allies among each other. Aly Goni who got offended by Nikki’s comment has taken it up on his ego now and he wants to become the next captain of the house. He is making allies with Rahul Vaidya and taking assurances from him to make Aly the next captain of the house. Seeing Aly and Rahul plan their moves, Pavitra gets agitated and questions Rahul’s loyalties.

Pavitra cannot stand the fact that Aly and Rahul, whom she considered as her friends, are plotting against her. She now decides to stand strong and alone win the task. . Even  Shardul and Nikki are not happy with the fact  that they are not even being considered in the  race for captaincy. To continue the entertainment in the house, popular music composer Sachin Trivedi and  sensational singer Shaan will keep the party going. Shaan’s romantic numbers have the contestants in a trance as they groove to his songs. Sachin, too, has the dance floor on fire as he belts out ‘Beat Pe Booty’!

The next day Rahul and Eijaz get over a fight on daily hygiene where Eijaz asks Rahul to not shave where they wash the dishes! Rahul stays adamant and says he will do as he chooses.

Is Rahul going to decide who will be the captain? Will Pavitra’s headstrong attitude win her the captaincy? What is Aly Goni’s fate?

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