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As Amazon Prime Video forays into sports docu-series Sons of The Soil, we wonder if there's any genre this platform can't crack

Amazon Prime Video is an OTT platform which brings to the audiences, original movies, series, and documentaries, known as Amazon Originals. The OTT platform in the past has also brought to us films that released in theatres exclusively, in the lockdown Amazon Prime Video has been the first choice of producers given its wide reach across 200 countries and territories. Sporting events are also available for streaming on the platform. Amazon Prime Video made it's debut in India in December 2016 and ever since has been bring to Indian homes a wide array of collection of content to stream.

On December 4, Amazon Prime Videos took yet another step in a totally new direction. With 'Sons of The Soil' they entered in the sports-docu genre segment and they surely aced it. The show has been getting great reviews and was showered with a lot of love by the audiences. What Amazon may just have taken up as a new challenge helped them crack a whole new genre and we wonder if there is any genre left for them to crack after already presenting such variety of content which are some top movies and shows of their respective genres.

'Made in Heaven' is a Drama series which was well received by the audience. 'Paatal Lok' is a crime thriller which was emerged as a roaring success this year and easily the best content that audiences in the lockdown witnessed. ‘The Family Man' is an action thriller series with great performances. 'Mirzapur 1 & 2’ is an action crime thriller which has worked wonders for the platform itself emerging as India’s very own Godfather series. 

'Comicstaan' is a standup comedy based series which put a lot of laughs on viewers face. 'Inside Edge' is sports drama series which was also well recieved by the audience. With 'Sons of The Soil', a sports - docu series, Amazon Prime Video has put a new feather in its cap. They have got in a genre which has never ever been tried in India. 

With the OTT space being a highly competitive market one would expect it to be hard to sustain let alone have an ever increasing popularity year after year. Amazon Prime Video has been doing just that. With the originals that they have been coming out with or the content offered by the platform just shows how much the producers trust the platform and want them to present their content exclusively. 

During the months-long lockdown due to the pandemic, newer content was not available nor reachable. Up stepped Amazon Prime Video, the OTT platform had brilliant options to choose from. Be it series or movies a wide range of options were available. Through Amazon Prime Video the movies and series can reach cinema lovers across 200 countries and territories. It's reasons like these that make Amazon Prime Video a top choice for the streaming platform.

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