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Amazon Prime Video reveals characters from upcoming Amazon Original Hostel Daze

1) Ankit

A quintessential boy next door, Ankit Pandey has normal looks, average body, and ordinary grades.  The only thing extra-ordinary about him is his love for the college-sweetheart and his dedication to porn.

2) Jaat

Patriarchy, bro-code and brutal honesty are the mantras this Haryanavi swears by. His stellar athletic capabilities more than compensate for an otherwise dire lack of sophistication. He owes his admission in the college to management quota and hectares of farmland.

3) Chirag

Soft, chubby, cuddly and warm, Chirag Bansal is literally a human teddy bear. Being systematic, smart and caring makes him 'Mummy' of the wing. His innocence and uprightness are but a huge liability in this mad-house of a hostel.

Recipe to make a Jhantoo

1. Pour equal proportions of body odour, mess dues and backlogs in a hostel.

2. Add a tinge of arrogance and manipulation.

3. Boil hard under sexually-frustrating conditions.

You get your Jhantoo! Best served with cigarettes.


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