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Aravinnd Singh on board Arulnithi's next

Every film industry thrives on successful combinations, be it actor-director, music composer -director, hero-heroine, producer-director and such. Another combination that is not much discussed, is that of actor and cinematographer.

The DoP of a film sets the tone and over all feel of the story. The camera is the eye through which the director shares his vision with the audience and the cinematographer is the one who controls that eye. The actor is what that eye sees and captures. So a proper tuning between the camera and the performance is important.

In SP Cinemas Production No. 2 which is to directed by debutant Barath Neelakandan, such a combination of cameraman and actor will be seen. Coming on board the film is cinematographer Aravinnd Singh. He will be capturing Arulnithi on screen for the third time, following their successful collaborations in Demonte Colony and the recently released Iravukku Aayiram Kangal.

Will the duo manage to recreate their earlier success, we have to wait and watch.

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