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Ariana Grande during her Sweetner tour talks about her struggles and difficulties

Pop singer Ariana Grande, currently on her extensive Sweetner tour, has left her fans in awe of her resilience, empathy and strength. The young singer has been opening up about her experiences and struggles in her life. Speaking about the difficulties in life, she says, “It is hard to balance it all.”

Ariana in a news portal told, "I feel everything very intensely and have committed to doing this tour during a time in my life when I'm still processing a lot ... so sometimes I cry a lot! I'm sharing this because I'm grateful and because I want you to know that if you too are hurting, you can push through and are not alone. It is hard to balance taking care of the people around you, doing your job, and healing/taking care of yourself at the same time... but I want you to know, you aren't alone and I think you're doing great. Love you."

She said that she feels grateful for the love she gets from her fans. "I'm grateful for the opportunity to sing to thousands of people every night," she says. The singer-actor celebrated her 26th birthday last month with close family and friends.

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