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“All Teenagers Go Through A Rock On!! Phase”


I was stunned because the National Awards are the only awards in our country that do not invite official nominations as do other awards. There is no award function at a glamorous venue. The winner has no clue he has won an award till the actual announcement is made. So the news hits you like a bolt.

I was standing with my wife, Mehr, in our apartment balcony when I suddenly received a message from the executive producer of Stepmom congratulating me. “What is he congratulating me for?” I wondered so I called him.

He said I had received the National Award for the Best Supporting Actor for Rock On!! “Mazak mat kar,” I said. He told me to switch on the TV and it was there… on all the channels! I had actually bagged the National Award for Best Supporting Actor for Rock On!!

The news finally sank in. This is an honour for me. It is a privilege! More so because I know there are actors who have not been able to get this kind of achievement even though they have been in the industry for years. I am glad this recognition has come my way and I hope it will help me leave my mark as an actor.

Well, I think what made Rock On!! click in a big way and what must have appealed to the jury too is the message of undying spirit that the story conveys. Don’t we all dream of being a part of a rock band when we grow up? Don’t we all want to do something zara hatke in our adolescence?

Aren’t we all bubbling with energy living our dreams hoping that kuch karke dikhana hai during that phase? We have all been through it in our school and college days. It is this that connected very well with the audience.

You never make a film keeping awards in mind. We just loved the story and we went ahead with it. Rock On!! was successful and now the National Awards is a great honour.

I hope the award opens doors for challenging roles to come my way. I am always looking for them, aren’t I? It was challenging to play the character of Joseph Mascarenhas in Rock On!! He lives his dream and does not allow any external factors to shake his faith. I am exactly like that in my personal life.

As an actor, I have always made a conscious effort to do roles that are diverse in nature.
As far as a celebration is concerned, news of the awards spread like wild fire. In fact, we already had a sort of mini-celebration at my home that very night. Friends had come over to congratulate me. I sincerely hope this is one of many!


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