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Arriving At ‘Mecca’

Model Simran Kaur Mundi talks about her transition from Punjabi cinema to Bollywood, which she says is the Mecca of all film industries

On Bagging KKPK

I remember my meeting with our directors on September 25 last year. After briefing me about the film, they wanted to discuss my remuneration and contract. I was confused as they hadn’t seen my work or taken an audition. When I asked them about that, they said they knew I could do the role perfectly, which made me realise just how much experience can tell you. This was the fastest ‘yes’ I have heard from any director!

Model Then, Actress Now

I have been a nautanki since childhood and I believe I was born to act in films. I know this because I remember I watched Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… and saw Kareena Kapoor’s character Poo, and I was so fascinated by her that I began to impersonate her. I would literally talk to myself in front of the mirror. I think I was destined to be where I am today.

Punjabi vs Hindi films

The two industries are very different from each other but I think the only real difference lies is in the language. Apart from that, everyone works hard to make films and make sure the masses like their films. I was very comfortable working in the Hindi film industry because I know the language very well. Apart from that, all the industries have given me love and fame. Also, I am open to any regional films offered to me as long as the script attracts me. But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter whether you are a super star in Punjab, Andhra Pradesh or in Bengal; Bollywood is the Mecca for every actor.

On Chemistry

The chemistry between the three of us is wonderful. The film portrays us as different girls from different backgrounds, where each of them loves their husband. What they don’t know is that it’s the same man!

Response To The Trailer

The response has been fantastic so far. It is a complete masala entertainer and a family film. It is also fresh. People are very curious about the film. The songs will start releasing this weekend and I am sure that will create a bigger buzz around the film. I am very keen to see how this film fares at the box office. Fact is that Kapil’s fans will definitely come to watch it.

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