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Meghna Malik, popularly known as Ammaji of Naa Aana Iss Des Laado, is basking in the great response to her role in Zubaan

On Zubaan

Zubaan happened to me by chance. I had just finished Naa Aana Iss Des Laadowhen Mozez (Singh) offered me the film. I listened to the narration and was bowled over by the story line. I was also very surprised when he offered me the role because it was very different from what I was doing on television. At the time, I was mostly offered similar roles but Mukesh Chhabra, our casting director, and Mozez thought I could also play this character. Once I heard the narration, there was no looking back. The character I play is of a vampish lady who is caught between her son and her husband.

Zubaan is basically the journey of Dilsher, but when I read the bound script, I realised that it’s the journey of each individual, how we are all searching for ourselves, trying to discover what we actually want to do. I also found a personal connect with the script. Mozez had created a mesmerising script with mesmerising situations.

On her favourite scene

There are two scenes that are my favourites, one among them is the crab scene, where I am eating with my son. For that scene, I ate eight crabs! Since Mozez wanted everything to be perfect, there was actual wine in the glass and by the time I finished the shot, I was all drunk! It was the first scene of the day but Mozez wanted to draw out the real feeling, that’s why I had to eat so much. The other scene that others are talking about is the one where Manish Chaudhari breaks a glass jug on my head. I am getting maximum responses for that scene.

On research

As an actor, I believe one has to be observant, and there was no documented or web research that I did for my role in Zubaan. This role is the culmination of whatever I have seen and learnt, and all my experiences over the years.

On workshops

The response is outstanding as everyone loves the film and all the artistes are been talked about. I give all credit to Mozez for this as it was he who arranged workshops, where all the actors interacted with each other and we rehearsed our scenes. So when we were on the sets, all ready to shoot, it was like giving our final take. During the workshops, we used to communicate a lot, which familiarised us with each other’s characters and how one should react in a particular scene.

Turning point

Na Aana Iss Des Laado was definitely a turning point in my career, where people began to take notice of me. The character (Ammaji) had become very famous and I was not required to be overdressed. In fact, people found it hard to accept me when they saw me in my regular attire. They couldn’t believe I was the same woman who had played Ammaji in the show. In terms of films, I hope Zubaan turns out to be the same as I am receiving very good reviews from everyone. I believe every actor waits for that one film or show which turns their career around and the audience takes notice of them.

On television and films

One cannot compare television and films because they are totally different mediums. In films, one gets time to practice whereas in television there is no chance to practice. One has to deliver their best in the given time. Each as its own charm.

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