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As The Crore Flies

The impossible dream has finally come true. But make no mistake, success is bigger than you

It was once impossible to imagine a film grossing over Rs 100 crore. Yet we knew it was going to happen one day. But this is not the end but a new beginning for Indian cinema. From now on, we will not look back and collections will only grow.

Since two of my films have crossed the Rs 100 crore mark, I am often asked what it feels like. Well, I feel great and why shouldn’t I? But this is partly due to the fact that our cinema is growing. I’ve always believed that an individual cannot achieve what is considered an impossible task.

I doubt if I would be able to cross the Rs 100 crore mark on my own. An actor doesn’t make or break a film. Everyone associated with the product is responsible for its success or failure. Sometimes, being the leading man, we do take the blame but if the film is a big success, one needs to share it with everyone involved.

Filmmaking has always been a team work and will remain that way. An actor can’t deliver unless he’s given something worthwhile. And this extends to everyone associated with the creative medium. 

Even when you have a talented creative team, you need someone who can carry your product forward. One needs to take it to the consumer. One needs to be a bridge between ourselves and the audience.

Yes, two of my movies have crossed Rs 100 crore and I am very happy. Apart from being happy for myself, I am also happy that I’ve been part of two products that brought an ‘X’ number of people to cinema halls.

And it’s not just me alone… everyone associated with Golmaal 3 and Singham is ecstatic, including the spotboys, who gave their best to keep everyone on the sets satisfied so that they could concentrate on their work. They, too, deserve a pat on the back for giving their best when we were trying to give something novel yet entertaining to our audience.

My mantra for success is: Never ride on your success. If you’ve delivered a hit today, someone else will do the same tomorrow. Instead of feeling thrilled with yourself, one needs to be happy for our industry, which is growing.

I have been a part of this industry since I was born and I never really believed there would be a day when we would cross the Rs 100 crore barometer. How things have changed in a span of a few years earlier - from no films in the over Rs 100 crore mark to now where we have seven movies that have crossed this unbelievable milestone. Very soon, Rs 100 crore won’t be a yardstick. From now, it will only get higher.

I am always told that it is the overseas market that generates a large chunk of revenue. But look at the movies that have done fabulously well in India and breached the Rs 100 crore mark. They did well overseas too. I firmly believe that if you make good cinema, our Indian audience will watch it, regardless of whether they live in India or abroad.

At the end of the day, every cine-goer wants to be entertained and what entertains them is cinema that has no boundaries. Do good movies, entertain them and they will watch it, not once, but again and again.

Indian cinema is like one big family and anyone who succeeds in wooing the audience with his/her art should be applauded. Let’s not jump to the conclusion that ‘X’ actor is living for himself or churning out successes one after another for himself.

As an actor, I have what I have because I am a part of Indian cinema, and what I do is for my film fraternity first and for me later.

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