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Ashoka The Hero

The story revolves around a young boy named Ashok and how he turns into a superhero. But the movie starts in 32 BC. King Asoka’s fierce battle against Kalinga claims 100,000 lives and the carnage moves the king to embark on a quest to save mankind. He brings together nine wise men from across the world to harness the powers of nature and contain them in a medallion. The medallion is entrusted to the Emperor’s son, Masa, until its rightful owner can be found.

2000 years later, Masa, still alive, comes across Ashok, the son of a slain police officer. The eight-year-old has a great desire to help others like his father. When he realises that Ashok is the one he has been waiting for, Masa entrusts the medallion to the boy and fades to dust, his mission accomplished.

The magical medallion gives Ashok superhuman powers. At first, he doubts his ability but like a true hero, faces up to the challenge of corruption. With his new powers, Ashok becomes a hero and a media darling. Amid his first real battle with a failed scientist, Ashok, seized with anger, attempts to destroy his foe. He thus loses all his powers. In the end, he must face great evil without his powers and try to save the world from certain destruction.

The voiceovers are apt and make it easier to relate to the temperament of each character. The direction is sharp. The one song, which is sung by Shibani Kashyap, is catchy. The duration of the film is perfect as it caters to the young audience. The animation too has been handled creatively, especially the fight sequences. The flow of the story is good and editing is to the point.

Verdict: Word of mouth might help.

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