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Avengers: Endgame's week one footfalls are more than double of The Lion King

The highest Hollywood grosser at the Indian box office is the 4th installment of Avengers series, Avengers: Endgame that collected a whopping Rs 365 crore at the box office. The film had a record shattering run in the Indian theatres as well as worldwide box office. It was released in the month of April this year and became the highest grosser of 2019 among all the Hindi as well as Hollywood releases. 

The latest release, The Lion King, directed by Jon Favreau, emerged as the second highest Hollywood grosser of 2019 after Endgame as it churned out Rs 82.40 crore at the box office. It is expected to cross the 100-crore mark post its second weekend. We compared the week one footfalls of both these films according to which the number of people visited the theaters for Endgame were more than double as compared to those who went for The Lion King.


First week admit compare
Multiplex The Lion King Avengers: Endgame
PVR Cinemax 10,10,468 23,07,234
Inox 7,35,049 21,18,596
Carnival 4,16,545 13,61,780
Cinepolis 4,02,510 10,23,962
Total 25,64,572 68,11,572


As per the table above, the difference in the footfalls of Endgame as compared to The Lion King is more than 165 per cent in the top four cinema chains of India - PVR, Inox, Carnival and Cinepolis. The Lion King's week one footfalls were 43.79 per cent of Endgame in PVR, in Inox it was 34.69 per cent of Endgame, in Carnival it was 30.59 per cent of Endgame and in Cinepolis it was 39.31 per cent of Endgame.


- Bhavi Gathani

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