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Avengers Lifetime Biggest Ever

As the buzz around Avengers: Infinity War reaches fever pitch, tickets are fast selling out. Here’s what multiplexes and distributors have to say about the craze over the latest Marvel movie and the numbers they expect it to notch up.

Devang Sampat, Cinepolis

It is amazing to see so much progress so soon after Bahubaali. The buzz around the Avengers movie is phenomenal. The tickets are all sold out in our cinemas and this is going to be one of Hollywood’s biggest films in India. The film has the potential to earn Rs 200 crore in lifetime collections.

Rajender Jyala, Inox

Advance booking for this film has been phenomenal for us and we have already sold about 75,000 tickets. And we have still not opened all the screens for booking. Bahubaali 2 is the only other film has witnessed advance booking like this. Avengers is a brand and people wait for a franchise like this. We are hoping it will create a new record for Hollywood films. I strongly feel that this film will cross the Rs 200-crore mark, net box-office collections in India, considering the upcoming weekend is a long one.

Brijesh Tandon, Distributor

There is a lot of anxiety and excitement around Avengers. I think it will see fantastic progress in terms of business and it might create history. There is no competition from other films, the field is clear and it will earn mind-blowing collections. In the first week, it will cross Rs 100 crore.

Gaurav Ruparel, Distributor

There are not many options left for kids. Baaghi 2 was a mass movie, October didn’t do well. Now people are looking for something different and there are no other releases along with Avengers. The movie has seven to eight superheroes in it and this film also has brand value. The 2K format is available in multiplexes and people are willing to go and watch the film there. We are expecting the film to earn at least Rs 20 crore on its first day; it could earn Rs 100 crore in its first week and is lifetime collections of Rs 200 crore.

Swapnadeep Banerjee, London Paris Multiplex

The franchise is very exciting and the buzz around this instalment is pretty strong. It has quirky humour and everybody loves superhero films. I believe Avengers: Infinity War will earn a minimum Rs 200 crore in its first week.

Yogesh Raizada, Programmer, Wave Cinemas

This film kicks off the season starting April. It will be a blockbuster movie and will do better than any Hindi movie. This movie is also releasing in different formats and regional languages, which is a huge advantage for it. There is no competition this week and the film is likely to earn 80-90 per cent of its collections in its first week.

Sunil Gholap, Programmer, Movie time

Advance booking opened on Sunday and all the morning shows are full. We are hoping that the collections of this film will be the same as those of Padmaavat. The weekend collections could be Rs 70- 80 crore and its lifetime collections may be below Rs 100 crore. The fact that no other film, especially no Hindi movie, is releasing along with the Avengers movie will definitely help its prospects.  

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