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Average box office of 8 Hollywood films is 4 times higher than 84 Hindi films, in 2019

The average collection of Hindi films is Rs 13.78 crore and Hollywood films is Rs 58 crore in the year 2019; Hollywood's average is 4 times higher than Hindi

The boundaries of cinema are expanding in India since last few years. Every year, on an average 20 Hollywood films release in India and most of them observe good business here. The first biggest Hollywood hit at the Indian box office was Avatar which was released in 2009. It had collected Rs 45 crore approximately in its lifetime. Since then, the consumption of Hollywood films started growing with each passing year.

This year, as the final installment of Marvel's Avengers released, it rewrote the record books as far as the Hollywood releases in India are concerned. If we look at all the Hollywood as well as the Hindi releases this year, number of Hindi films are 10 times more than that of Hollywood. There are total 84 Hindi films that have been released this year and the total NBOC of these films is Rs 1158.10 crore approximately. On the other hand, there are only eight Hollywood films that have released this year and their total NBOC is Rs 464 crore approximately, which is around four times higher than that of Hindi films.

The interesting thing here is, if we look at the average trade of these films, as shown in the table below, we will notice that on an average a Hindi film earns Rs 13.78 crore in its lifetime while a Hollywood film earns Rs 58 crore. This is despite the fact that all these Hindi films have gotten wider release as compared to the Hollywood films.

The Hollywood films that have released this year in India are Alita: Battle Angel, Captain Marvel, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Dumbo, Shazam!, Hellboy, The Curse Of The Weeping Woman and Avengers: Endgame.

- Bhavi Gathani

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