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Ayushmann’s witty take on his soaring list of brands!

Versatile Bollywood star, thought-leader and youth icon, Ayushmann Khurrana is a powerhouse performer and a multi-faceted entertainer who has etched his name in the history of Indian cinema with his progressive, social entertainers that have become huge successes at the box office. Today, people refer to his brand of inspired and clutter-breaking cinema as ‘The Ayushmann Khurrana Genre’ and with him delivering eight back to back hits, his brand equity is on an all time high!

Ayushmann’s name today is synonymous to important core Indian values like as credibility, bankability, clutter-breaker, real, relatable, aspirational, self-made, outsider, role model and this lockdown has proven that he is a pandemic proof artiste with brands. During lockdown Ayushmann has signed at least 7 new A-list brands and his social media is a proof that the star is the go-to Bollywood star for brands looking for a super credible Bollywood face.

A top draw for Indian youth across cities, towns and villages, Ayushmann has become the face of several respected brands recently. Ayushmann posted a picture today and had a witty take on how his social media is looking as his equity soars with brands. He said jokingly, “Mondays feel like Sundays these days and my Insta Page looks like a catalogue for advertisements.”

Ayushmann is now set to begin filming his much-anticipated next, a progressive love story being directed by Abhishek Kapoor.

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