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Ayushmann Khurrana sees a 200 percent rise in number of endorsement deals

In 2018, Ayushmann Khurrana has delivered four back to back hits. He had five endorsements deals back then. Cut to the end of 2019 and Ayushmann is in the best phase of his career. He has delivered seven back to back blockbusters including Article 15, Dream Girl and now Bala all racing to success.

Ayushmann delivered two back to back 100 crore films at the box office (he has three 100 crore blockbusters in total – all of which has come in the last 2 years!) and now endorses a staggering 20 brands! That’s a straight 200 percent rise in the endorsement deals.  This jump shows what a bonafide star he has become, all thanks to his choice of cinema and his ever-increasing appeal with the youth of the country as a credible and reliable star. 

From real estate to mobile, from personal grooming to clothing, from deodorants to watches, from wafers to eye-wear, etc, Ayushmann has been roped in to put forward the message of relatability and authenticity by brands. “Ayushmann’s name today stands for success, reliability, relatability, and authenticity. These are huge equities for any brand to tap into. Being a complete outsider who has made his destiny with his own hands, Ayushmann is a huge icon of the Indian youth and every top brand wants to bring him on board because seldom do you find a star that evokes all these qualities!” says a trade source.

The informer said , “He is a self-made role model and nothing connects stronger than this messaging with brands that are looking to reach out to today’s India. People today have made real-life inspirations as their heroes and relate to their life stories the most. Ayushmann’s journey from a reality TV contestant to someone, whose films are now being called ‘The Ayushmann Khurrana Genre’, is extremely aspirational and inspiring.”

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