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Babyy Is Big

Sajid Khan is back with House Full. The film’s trailer has been running across the world since Friday and it’s getting a great response too! All it does is present bits from the film and that spells full-on entertainment. That’s all three ladies talking about their husband/fiancé, that is, Akshay Kumar.

Looks like this one’s going to be a money-spinner all right. Exuding confidence, Khan replies, “In Heyy Babyy, I only had a story but this time, I’ve worked really hard on the screenplay and there’s much more to the film than what the trailer lets on. Every week, till its release, we will keep revealing highlights of the film, one after another.”

Tradewallahs are super-confident of the winning Heyy Babyy team. Cheers to both Sajids (Nadiadwala and Khan).

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