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After composing fun filled and quirky albums like Happy Ending and Go Goa Gone, composers Sachin-Jigar are back with Sriram Raghavan’s intense drama Badlapur. Till date, Sachin-Jigar has generally been associated with the light-hearted comic films and this Varun Dhawan starrer drama is completely opposite to their earlier offerings. Will the composer-duo succeeds in creating a thriller track suiting the mood of the movie is what we have to see?

The composers hit the right note with the opening track of the album – Jee karda, also a promotional song of the film. In thriller films where songs are mainly a filler, Jee karda aptly captures the mood of the script with the loud musical arrangements. The grungy, but powerful guitar-synth combined with robust vocals of Divya Kumar, perfectly emotes the betrayal, pain, hurt and agony of the character. The song is further aided by the influential lyrics of Priya Saraiya and Dinesh Vijan. The young composers succeed in creating a great fusion cocktail by seamlessly incorporating Rehmad Zaidi’s shehnai in the track.

Though one might assume the rock version is just another inept addition to the album, the track is musically different than its original. The rock version takes on a grungier sound with added guitar strums and shehnai replaced with harmonium. If, the original is addictive, then rock version escalates it furthermore.

The melodious track of the album Jeena jeena marks the return of cross-border singer Atif Aslam, into Bollywood after a year. The musical arrangements are kept minimal complimenting the soulful flavour of the song. The serenity of the track is further enhanced with the introduction of flute beautifully played by Shirish Malhotra. Fusion seems to be the sound palette of the album, as the composer have smoothly infused flute tunes with the electric guitar. The lyrics penned by Dinesh Vijan and Priya Saraiya brings in a depth to this silky composition. The remix version is avoidable as it doesn’t offer anything new.

Rekha Bharadwaj and Arijit Singh come together for an emotional rendition in the track Judaai. The lilting vocals further transcribe the passionate intensity with lyrics. The composers have given a longing –yearning treatment to the track, highlighting the dearth of love and misery. The tempo of the track varies as Singh takes the lead. Once again, the sudden, but smooth insertion of yet another Indian instrument – Sarangi is notable. The track though unconventional makes for a good listen.

Verdict: With only three original songs, the album is too short but Sachin-Jigar have succeeded in delivering a winning album!

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