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Badmaash Company

Rags to riches story usually needs creative inputs, in the form of original ideas to make the story acceptable. But most films make it look like a cakewalk; think million and the hero is a millionaire in the next scene. While such easy ploy makes all others look stupid, it does not make the protagonist look smarter either. The days of day dreaming audience were long over before the 21st century.

Badmaash Company is one such film. It makes money making look so easy, the game of Monopoly would look challenging in comparison! Shahid Kapoor dreams to rule the financial world. The story credits him to be smart but in reality, it shows everyone else he deals with as idiots. Hence, he converts all his half baked ideas into millions. It is all about evading import duty on imported shoes. But, what about the capital money! Conveniently, Shahid Kapoor has a rich uncle in the US who does not think twice before shelling out Rs. 20 lakh for his nephew to help him start his own business. So Shahid and his three friends, Anushka Sharma, Vir Das, Melyang Chang float a firm, Friends & Company, which soon rolls in money. And they live lavishly. But the government policies vis-à-vis import duty change and the friends need to find another avenue to make money. And the only place it looks possible is in the US since they conclude it would be easier to fool ‘goras’. Their quest for money leads to illegal acts, heart burns and cracks in their friendship and they part ways. However, with lessons learnt, they come together again for a last hurrah and all is well that ends well, in this case for moviegoer, of course!

Direction is unimaginative and clichéd and lack of imagination shows a lot to be desired. The narration is through the hero’s own storytelling. Music is lacklustre and does nothing for the film. The choreography is routine. Cinematography is good. Editing is slack. Performance by Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Vir Das and Melyang Chang is fair to passable at various stages.

Badmaash Company is below par.

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