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Bag & Baggage with Kunal Kemmu, Rasika Dugal and Ranvir Shorey | Lootcase

Actors Kunal Kemmu, Rasika Dugal and Ranvir Shorey talk to Manisha Karki about their upcoming film Lootcase, the quirky story, prepping for their characters, the experience of working together and more

How has the response to the trailer of Lootcase been?

Kunal Kemmu (KK): It’s amazing, I am very happy that we are in this space today. It’s always encouraging to know that your trailer has worked and the feedback is good. 

What was it about the story that made you want to do it?

KK: It was the mad genius called Rajesh Krishnan and his mad partner Kapil Sawant who wrote this film. When I first heard the one-liner of the story, I was like this story seems very simple; a common man finds a bag full of money and people are running behind it. But when I read it I was shocked and within two hours I just called back and said that I wanted to do the film. And that is what is so unique about this film that it may seem like a story that you have seen or heard before but it so unlike anything that you have seen before and that’s what made me do this film.  

From the trailer, it is evident that each of you plays very interesting characters. What more can you tell us about them?

Ranvir Shorey (RS):  I play Inspector Kolte, who is a very slimy cop. I have those qualities inside me. 
(Everyone laughs)

KK: So you were just playing yourself. (Laughs)

RS: The characters played by Kunal and Rasika are central to the film. All other characters revolve around these two. The lootcase and I play two characters revolving around them.

Rasika Dugal (RD): I play Lata, who is Nandan’s wife. She is the only lady stuck in the middle of so many crooks and who doesn’t want to anything with this lootcase.

KK: I play Nandan Kumar, who I think is like and unlike so many people that l have known including myself. But I think he is one of the most interesting characters because of the way he reacts to things and it is so honest and earnest. He is probably the weirdest person that I have played because of how he reacts in terms of stress, when he’s with his wife or when he’s being investigated by this cop. He is just trying to be cautious. He is a good guy, a survivor but he gets himself into these problems that are so much bigger than him and he still tries to make it work. He is the most extraordinary type of common man.

You guys are working with each other for the first time? So how was the experience? 

KK: I had a terrible time working with these guys because we are just so bad. (Laughs)

RS: I have worked with each of them individually before but with both of them together, this is the first time. I think it’s a great mix of people who come together for this film starting with writer-director Rajesh Krishnan, who is a funny guy and I have seen him before this film. He also had a cameo in this film. Kunal and Rasika play lead roles. They both are very talented people and we know their talents from their work. Then there is Gajraj Rao and Vijay Raaz who are very talented. It is a really unique and funny film. Rajesh Krishnan has written these really quirky characters which you have never seen in your life. You cannot even imagine such people. It’s a great situational comedy and I hope you enjoy it.

RD: I have watched Kunal Kemmu’s movies. When I first came to Bombay with my friend, I had seen his film Superstar and I really liked it. Then I met him on and off here and there. Then I got an opportunity to work with him and I have heard so much about him. He is a funny guy and I had a fun time with him. I have always considered Ranvir a friend. We have done a project together which didn’t get picked, so I think I got an opportunity again.

Can you share an interesting incident that happened during the shoot?

KK: I gave many hints to Rajesh. There is this scene in the film where Nandan opens the bag and sees that money. So he had written the scene a certain way but he was not sure of how to execute it. ‘Let us see how Nandan is and where we shoot this,’ he said. Before we shot that scene in the office, we had played it out in different scenarios. How should it be? Should it be a conversation? We kind had a fair idea but when we reached on the set and set up the shot, I looked at the bag and I kept looking at it. I said this is how I want to do it. I wanted to see that look in Nandan’s eyes. And I said I am not sure but this is the way we should do it, maybe it will give us a different take all along. He trusted me and said let’s see how it goes. Even when we did it, I was not sure but he was. When he opened it, he actually breaks down when he sees the money. I think it was only possible with our energy’s kind of matching and thinking of that moment kind it. But he could have said, ‘I don’t think this is right and we could have stick to his thing.’ But he believed in something that I believed in and I think it worked. So that was something special.

Apart from this, when will your fans get to see you next?

KK: I have a film called Malang that is releasing next year and it is completely different from what I am doing right now. It is very special to me because after Kalyug I am doing a film with Mohit Suri and its almost after 16 years we are coming back together. 

RD: I have the second season of Mirzapur that I have started shooting. After that, I have done this series which is tentatively titled Dr Kapoor and I am playing the titular role in that. 

RS: I have a couple of films that will be out next year. Also, I have done some stuff on OTT, some couple of series which will be out next year.

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