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Bal Ganesh 2

What’s It About
The film depicts some childhood events of cute and intelligent Lord Ganesh, the elephant God, adored and worshipped by millions worldwide. So Bal Ganesh is back in 3D animated film as Bal Ganesh 2 with lesser known stories and some facts about Lord Ganesh (like mooshak, the vehicle of Ganesh, was actually a devil by the name of Gaj Mukhasur who was defeated by Bal Ganesh). There are some interesting episodes too like how the great epic, the Mahabharata, was narrated by Rishi Ved Vyas and written by Bal Ganesh with his tooth. The narration is intertwined with the interaction of a group of mice that are narrating the stories, as well as preaching the young viewers.

Creative Touch
It is an animation film based on Lord Ganesh. The purpose of the part one was to introduce the Lord to the children and part two is to tell them a little more about him and give them some values of life in a playful manner. However, with its slow pace and shoddy treatment, the film is unlikely to hold kids’ attention.

Star Value
The voice over of Bal Ganesh, given by Ashar Sheikh, is very good. Pradeep Shukla and Pankaj Sharma also do a decent job. But Ganesh Divekar giving voice to three mice irritates at times. Because, the job of a voice over artist is not merely ranting the dialogues of a particular animated character, but to characterise the given character with appropriate voice modulation. Rest of the voiceover artist suited their respective characters.

Technical Expertise
As one of the mouse says in the film itself, “Aaj kal ka bachcha log bahutich fast hai, toh ab hum bhi Bal Ganesh ki story sunayenge tumhareich style mein, bole toh story ke beech beech main thodi masti bhi hoyengi, samjhe kya bachcha log!” So mice are indeed trying to tell the tale of Bal Ganesh by incorporating the style of today’s restless generation. But the tapori language used by the mice is too old to garner interest in young viewers. There are some technical snags like one of the mice is in coat; one in dhoti and one of them is not wearing anything. On the positive side, the dance of mice in the De taali song looks good and cute. But the various stories are loosely connected and the screenplay is weak. The quality of the 3D animation is the same as the previous movie; there is no advancement, technically.

Director’s Cut
Director Pankaj Sharma’s motive is to entertain as well as inculcate good values in the kids through this film. He is aware that if the presentation is boring, kids will not sit through the entire film. He tries to spice it up by incorporating today’s lingo, but fails as the dialogues and the style he used is obsolete. And several sequences are stretched way too much.

Box Office
As it were, animation films have not carved a niche for itself as yet in India, and with its patchy job, Bal Ganesh 2 hardly helps the cause.

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