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Balaji Signs Anees Bazmee

few weeks ago, we had had written in this column that director Anees Bazmee was seen entering the Balaji office. Obviously, Bazmee was there to discuss a film project. And, yes, our guess was correct. In fact, we’re told that Ekta Kapoor is fond of Bazmee’s work and she’s been wanting him to direct a film for her banner for a long time.

Finally, the day has come and it’s going to happen and, sooner not later, there will be an announcement about Balaji producing one of Anees Bazmee’s next directorials. Remember, you read it here first! This is a single-hero project, with the protagonist playing a double role. Here’s wishing this new combination of Ekta Kapoor and Anees Bazmee tons of luck!

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