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Beiiman Love

Banner: Avanti Films

Producer: Rajeev Chaudhari

Director: Rajeev Chaudhari

Cast: Sunny Leone, Rajniesh Duggall,

Daniel Weber, Rajiv Verma

Writer: Rajeev Chaudhari

Music: Ankit Tiwari, Kanika Kapoor,

Raghav Sachar, Amjad-Nadeem,

Sanjeev-Darshan, Assad, Asees, Manj,

Nindy Kaur, Raftaar

As the title suggests, this is a story of betrayal, a theme that is as old as the hills. While the film has the gusto to hold the plot together, it fails on implementation. It lacks punch and is mediocre fare.

A successful entrepreneur, Sunaina Verma (Sunny Leone), is a treacherous businesswoman who is being awarded for her achievements at an event. She is the envy of many, including Raj (Rajniesh Duggal), a competitor who has lost yet another contract to her shrewd strategies. Daniel Peterson (Daniel Weber) is the man she credits for her success while it is revealed that there is a dark past between Sunaina and Raj.

The film goes back three years, when after being publicly slapped and humiliated by Sunaina for misbehaving with her, Raj vows to teach her a lesson. Later, Raj tells his brother-in-law, Monish (Rajiv Verma), that he will have Sunaina in bed in 10 days. Instead, Sunaina and Raj fall in love. How the tide turns against them and how Sunaina and Raj become enemies takes the film forward.

The story is a blend of emotion with a generous dose of hatred. But it lacks twists and turns and is predictable. The movie’s Achilles’ heel is the director’s lack of conviction. The film promises to be an edge-of-the-seat flick but is none of that.

Producer, director and writer of the film Rajeev Chaudhari weaves together a jerky screenplay and hence the transition to the storyboard carries a weary tone. The script lacks punch and the dialogue, which should have played an integral role, is patchy and disrupts the flow of the film.

Musically, the songs work in the film’s favour. Background score is good. Some frames are sluggish, which slows the pace. Editing by Samar Singh could have been a lot sharper. Cinematography is just about average and doesn’t add to the tone of the film. The run time of 120 minutes makes this film an agonising watch.

Performance-wise, Sunny Leone manages to portray the agony of her character. Though she lacks the zeal her character should have had, she carries the bold scenes with ease. Rajniesh Duggall steals the show. His performance is bang on and convincing. Daniel Weber manages to impress. Rajiv Verma is okay. The rest of the cast supports adequately.

Verdict: Flop.

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