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Bhatt Naturally

If Varma is toying with the idea of making a 3D film, Vikram Bhatt has already run with the idea. Result: A film titled Haunted, which is almost 35-per cent complete. In fact, shooting is currently underway in Ooty, where Bhatt is wielding a four camera set-up.

There’s more to Bhatt’s mammoth plans. Once he’s done with this 3D venture, he will start working on not one but two big projects, both directed by the man himself. The first one is, as of now, titled Dangerous Ishq, which is about two girls obsessed with the hero, followed by Bhaag Johnny. Details of the latter are yet to be worked out.

PS: Mimoh is not only being re-launched with Haunted but will also be re-christened. Yes, Mimoh will change his name but the new name will be revealed once the movie nears completion.

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