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Bhor: Here's why Kamakhya Narayan Singh is very realistic!

Filmmaker Kamakhya Narayan Singh's Bhor has been making the right noise on the internet ever since the film has released. The internationally acclaimed film has been loved by the audience. The film showcases strong shades of women empowerment and highlights sanitation issues of rural India simultaneously offering an interesting take on the caste system. In an interaction with us, the talented filmmaker shared insights on his journey of making the film. 


Q1) How did the thought of the film come to you? 

The topic of sanitation has been a topic people would speak about in India in the past 11-12 years and the present government has made a movement when it comes to sanitation. When I spoke to my friends recently, we realised we can make an interesting film on sanitation and while thinking on this, a thought struck my mind that how would the last person in this country react if he's given sanitation correctly. Then I realised why not add a female character and see the reaction and that's how Bhor came into the picture.


Q2) What special efforts did you take to make the film look real and authentic? 

Everything was shot at real locations tight from the casting to the costume to location. For the casting, we chose people who could dedicate two months for doing the workshop in the villages so that they look like villagers with their body language, eating habits, their style of walking and their way of eating everything was changed. For costumes we borrowed clothes from the real Mushars and made our actors wear them. The location we chose the house where the Mushars actually resided and gave keen interest into the detailing. From their feet to lips, we didn't do much make-up but made our cast look like that


Q3)How was the training workshop for actors looks like?

We made our actors live in the village. We made them work at the farms, play with goats and pigs so they could understand the body language of locals there. 


Q4)In the age of content-driven cinema, how is it like to make a film which is away from the star system and is purely based on the story?

We as viewers are no longer starstruck. On OTT there's lots of content which don't have a big star-cast but are doing well. I feel Bhor would work too. The only difference is that on OTT content is more urban centric. My story is more rural centric so it might take sometime for people to accept it but I feel it's a fresh breath of air in the dessert. In the last two decades, people haven't been making content on rural area and hence I feel people would like it.


Bhor revolves around Budhni, a girl from the Musahar community in Bihar who dreams to pursue her education despite her marriage below legal age and how she fights all odds to build a toilet for sanitation. 

The film has an ensemble cast of Nalneesh Neel, Devesh Rajan, Saveri Sree Gaur & Punya Prasun Bajpai. Bhor is produced by AK Singh of Gyanesh Films and is helmed by Kamakhya Narayan Singh.

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