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Bigg Boss Ki Adalat has contestants questioned about their performance so far in the game!

  Things are picking up a solid pace and relationships are being tested to the core. The day starts with Rahul Vaidya admiring Jasmin and Aly’s relation as he is sitting with Nikki. He wishes that he too could share such a bond with someone. Nikki gets upset at this since she believes that she was that special someone for Rahul. Nikki gets emotional and bursts into tears as Rahul consoles her and explains that he does care about her and feels for her. He consoles her and the two try to iron out their differences.

The most exciting moment of the day arrives when Bigg Boss decides to shock the contestants with a very special round! Bigg Boss will open doors to the Bigg Boss Ki Adalat! Filmmaker Farah Khan will play the judge and two leading journalists Amith Tyagi and Charrul Malik will grill the contestants on their performance so far in the house. The round promises to be exciting yet nerve-wracking for the contestants who now know that their actions are under a constant and attentive watch! The blame game will now begin in full speed as each contestant tries to rationalize their actions. The journey now gets tougher!

Aly Goni, who has been staying in a secluded area in the house has now lost his cool. Living apart from the contestant for so many days seems to have taken a toll on him. He revolts and refuses to wear a mic or even eat food! As Jasmin and the other contestants try to pacify him, and ask him to maintain his cool, Aly can’t seem to handle the isolation. He gets aggressive and threatens to break out of his glass isolation room! 

How will the contestants respond to the grilling by Farah Khan and the journalists? Will Aly Goni be able to maintain his calm, or will Bigg Boss ask him to leave the house? Several exciting things will unfold on tonight’s episode in Bigg Boss!

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