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Bipasha, Jodi Breakers and Me

Bipasha plays the character of this savvy, modern, contemporary, super-confident and witty girl called Sonali in Jodi Breakers. When we finally got Bipasha on board, we knew we had hit the right note. As Bipasha would say almost every other day after a good shot, “Sonali sounds so much like me… I am playing myself for the first time in a film.” It was a cakewalk for her as soon as she hit the right chord with Sonali.

Bipasha is an easy co-worker and a great team player. She likes to be briefed and stay involved with the script and her styling to a great extent.As a director, I gave her space with both. On the sets, she is a riot. She shared a great rapport with both Madhavan and Omi and the sets cackled with her loud laughter. It was the easy camaraderie between her and Omi that brought the roof down on more than one occasion.

What landed us in trouble with Bipasha on more than one occasion was her super-professional attitude towards her work! During our long schedules in Mumbai, she would sometimes land on the sets before the production team arrived, all geared up and ready with her schedule for the day. She would get restless with any delays! Outdoors, it was a different story and Bips liked to switch to holiday mode and take it easy… My team ditched me on such occasions and took her side. She is a charmer!

I discovered two things during the shooting. One, Bipasha has a great ear for music. She was the first to support me on two numbers ‘Bipasha’ and ‘Jab Mein Tumhaare Saath Hoon’, when there were divergent opinions on both.

Two, her commitment to looking good and special and making it worthwhile for the audience to watch her. During the shooting of ‘Bipasha’, she made sure she was fighting fit in the sensuous costume. The results are there for all to see.

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