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Birds Eye View Film Festival

April 3-10, 2013 
London, UK

What’s It All About?

The Birds Eye View (BEV) is an organisation that celebrates and supports women’s work in film, most notably by way of an annual film festival in London that places women at the heart of the creative vision.

The BEV was founded in 2002 as a short film event. But it was only in 2005 that the event came to be known as an important women’s film festival. It now operates year-round activities through it’s BEV Labs, First Weekenders Club, touring programme and online community, in addition to an annual festival in London.

This year, the festival’s focus is on celebrating the work of Arab women filmmakers. It promises an extravaganza which will feature eye-opening documentaries, ground-breaking short films, insightful events, exclusive Q&As, cutting edge live music and a special edition of the Fashion Loves Film programme. Besides this there will also be a usual line-up of celebrity guests, awards, parties, galas and more.

Watch Out For!

From historical drama to sweeping romance, cutting-edge thriller to Greek tragedy, a spectacular line-up from the Arab world’s most outstanding creative female voices, the festival will also have ten exclusive directors Q&As, seven UK premieres, two London premieres and two live music world premieres. This year’s festival is a unique opportunity to experience the rich, diverse and powerful voices of the Arab world’s most inspiring women.

International Women’s Day Gala:

Wadjda, a film by Haifaa Al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia’s pioneering first female feature director, will be showcased on March 8.

The multi-award winning film is about a schoolgirl, Wadjda, who seeks to purchase a new bicycle by raising money herself, when her parents who are on the verge of separation, refuse her the money.

The film also won the Satyajit Ray Foundation Feature Award 2012 – Gala presentation.

Opening Film:

When I Saw You

A masterful, moving new work by Palestine’s first female feature director, Annemarie Jacir, the film follows a free-spirited young boy escaping from a refugee camp in Jordan in 1967.

UK Premiere:

Coming Forth By Day

A fiercely original debut by director Hala Lotfy, already being hailed as the Arab world’s latest auteur, this is a haunting and oppressive family drama.


Director Djamila Sahraoui’s Greek tragedy in a country at war with itself, Yema plays out Algeria’s fratricidal civil conflict through an intimate family saga.

On The Edge

Acclaimed for its Cannes premiere, director Leila Kilani’s film is about an edgy, fast paced snapshot of a city coming to grips with the global market and the desperation of its youth.

Closing Night Gala:

Habibi (Darling, Something’s Wrong With Your Head)

Susan Youssef’s film is a sweeping romance based on a classic Arabic story of forbidden love, re-interpreted for modern Palestine in this stylish feature.

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