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What’s It About
The story is about a secret which lies 250 feet deep in the sea. Bounty hunters come in droves, lured by tales of a fabled treasure (of Lady in Blue, the wrecked ship) but lose their lives instead. Set in the Bahamas and Bangkok, the film revolves around the complex relationships shared amongst the lead characters and their search for a lost treasure. Sagar (Sanjay Dutt) and Sam (Zayed Khan) are brothers, who find a friend in Aarav (Akshay Kumar), a manipulative and scheming business tycoon. Mona (Lara Dutta) is Sagar’s love-interest in the film and Nikki (Katrina Kaif) is a free-spirited individual with a scheme of her own.
The characters grapple, initially with the aquatic world, and then with their own pricking conscience as greed and betrayals take over. 

Creative Touch
A thriller combined with a scenic underwater mocumentary, this most expensive Indian movie has to meet the highest of expectations. Blue is also infatuated with its fast bikes and bikinis while it needed to give the story and its characters depth.

Star Value
Sanjay dons the role of the morally perfect elder brother yet again. When he raises his hand to strike Zayed and stops it midway, there’s a definite sense of déjà-vu! Akshay, was it really necessary to smile so much? Seeing him smile whilst making his great escape certainly kills the anti-climax. Lara has to look pretty and sit quietly through the film. Though no denying, Lara and her bikini will certainly attract plenty of goggle-eyed males! Zayed, Katrina and Rahul fill the bill.

Technical Expertise 
The story telling element takes on a picture book facet, where the breathtakingly beautiful visuals captivate. The underwater cinematography is as luxuriant and sparkling as a Bahamian travel brochure. The (pet) sharks well, they are so well trained they just go round in circles without troubling anyone. Dialogues are mundane. 

Director’s Cut
Director Anthony D’souza had all the resources at his disposal and tries to add thrill and 
visuals all over. However, the story does not sustain all the way.

Box Office
Blue, having opened well to full or almost full houses, has the holiday period to help recoup its high investments.

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