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Bollywood’s action star Dhruv Verma gears up to surprise in his Indo-Polish film No Means No

Bollywood’s action star Dhruv Verma, who is also known as Indian James Bond is all set to enthral the audiences in his upcoming high budgeted film No Means No.

Talking about his character in the film, Dhruv shares, “I play Raj, who goes thousands miles away from India to Poland for Ski Championship, but destiny deals him with a hand that changes his life forever. Further he narrates that his character is about an innocent bond and love that flourishes between him and a demure Polish mountain girl Kasia, who's haunted by the demons of her past. No Means No aims to promote the cultural and historical bonds that India and Poland share.”

Sharing about shooting in Poland in extreme climate, Dhruv tells, “Filming in Poland was surreal. The locations and the scenic beauty were like a world beyond ours. Shooting in the extremes of temperatures was definitely a challenge for everyone, but we all managed to wrap it up wonderfully. There were days when we were shooting in -33 or -24 degrees – feel the cutting bite of the cold. The cameras were specially treated to avoid condensation inside the lens. But, the director Mr. Vikash Verma's vision was to shoot in the real snow. And so, the shooting schedule itself spanned two winters to grab the authentic feel of the real winter. Overall, it was a magnificent experience.”

Reportedly, for the Indo-Polish mega budgeted film, No Means No that packs nail biting action sequences, he spent months in Poland mastering Krav Maga (Israeli Fighting style developed for the army) and Jyrki Sario Defendo (Defensive Fighting Style developed for the European police) from his guru Mr. Bartek Dobrowolski along with a specially tailored course in gun shooting, besides the masterful training he already received from the action legend, Sanjay Dutt in disarming and shooting techniques. He also mastered the techniques of 17 different Handguns, rifles and shotguns from other Maestros from the Strzelnica Gun Club in Bielsko Biała, Poland.

Dhruv was further pursuing a passion which he had already started training for in India. Dhruv was glimpsed on Horseback, in his recent photoshoot which was taken in Poland. Further finding revealed that Dhruv was training under the Polish Equestrian Federation at “Akademia Jazdy Konnej Solka” in Bielsko Biala. 

This comes in addition to the training he has already received from the famed and legendary Polo player, Mr. Suresh Taparia. For his next film, - The Good Maharaja, Dhruv is further specializing in horseback riding and weapon shooting, This is going to be A World War 2 epic, another true story about the long relation between India and Poland is soon going to be on the floors.


When asked about where his love of acting stems from, Dhruv claimed that his passions were kindled during his school years, in the prestigious Cathedral and John Connon School where Dhruv was House Captain of Savage House (Green House). During his school life Dhruv was actively involved in social work and cultural Activities such as Elocution, Debates and Drama in both Hindi and English, winning numerous awards through his tenure at Cathedral. 


Surely his passion followed him well into his college years at H.R College of Commerce and Economics from which he Graduated with a specialization in Business Management and Marketing. In college, Dhruv was an avid thespian, participating in stage plays, street plays and mimes for the Cultural Council of his college in various famed intercollegiate festivals such as Malhar by Xaviers College and WAVES by BITS Pilani Goa. In some ways perhaps Dhruv was destined for this path, since at the time of his Birth his father’s Guru and family friend, the Hollywood Mega star Steven Seagal Flew down from LA to bless the new born.


Incidentally, his father Vikash Verma is the director of No means No. Sister Jahnavi Verma, who studied production design and was student of university of Arts London is an Asst Art Director on the film. Dhruv’s mother Sonali Verma studied Commercial Arts from Nirmala Niketan college Mumbai.

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