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Bollywood Supports Anti-Piracy

The Producers Guild of India is working towards addressing many of the challenges faced by the industry and one such significant challenge is Piracy. In addition to the industry’s push for more stringent laws and regulations, they are also focusing on enforcement and creating awareness amongst stakeholders, authorities and more importantly, the audience.

The Producers Guild of India has collaborated with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry under the dynamic leadership of the Hon’ble Union Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu to create awareness on the ill effects of piracy. In order to create an effective campaign and wider reach, they have been requesting film makers for their support to create short Anti-Piracy video bytes. So far, five short Anti-piracy videos with popular stars have been formally launched by the Government on their platforms and subsequently used in cinema halls, on digital platforms, social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, etc as well on various engagements with the audience. These messages will be found on various Twitter handles of CIPAM, MOB, @producers_guild and others.

The Guild is trying to launch fresh Anti-Piracy Video bytes every month and this campaign is getting massive support from the industry and the Government. Take a look at the five anti-piracy bytes that have released so far:

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