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Book on Making of 3 Idiots

It’s a film that took the box office by storm but what really went into the making of one of India’s most-watchable films?

Smriti Kiran, who was involved with the making of Raju Hirani’s Aamir Khan-starrer 3 Idiots will tell you all about that in a book she’s written. The book, published by Om Publications, will be available on the stands very soon. It offers vivid insights and humorous anecdotes on the making of the movie. It also includes exclusive interviews with prominent people involved with the project.

Hirani believes “a book is a written record that goes down in the annals of history and will help generations refer to it for information and reference in the future”. In fact, Hirani feels “every film should have a written record of it as it goes down in the annals of Indian cinema”.

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