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Breakthrough songs of the year:

1. Nayan Tarse – Dev D 
Nayan Tarse begins in style, with random sounds of mic feedback & noise distortion, then becomes slightly languid & lounge-like before it changes tempo and gets into the rock space! The lyrics depict pain & longing in a cool edgy manner and Amit Trivedi’s singing is powerful, controlled and sexy! The hook of the song Nayan Tarse is frighteningly infectious and you are tempted to sing along. But since the composition changes its mood so many times, it daunts you from attempting that! And that’s where the appeal of the song lies  you almost listen to it in awe! With Dev D, Amit Trivedi got the best opportunity of his life and he rocked it!

2. Genda Phool – Delhi 6 
AR Rahman proved all his detractors wrong with the music of Delhi 6 it’s the maestro’s best work in recent years. His versatility shone in this delectable music score! And if there’s one track that steals your heart right away, it’s the hugely entertaining folksy shaadi song Genda Phool! Composed jointly by Rahman and Rajat Dholakia, this track is a fusion of folk and techno that gets your feet tapping instantly! The main vocals are by Rekha Bharadwaj who is deliciously naughty in her rendition. The rustic feel of Rekha’s voice contrasts the heavy thumping of the western beats beautifully. We hadn’t heard anything like this before and the result was
pure magic!!

3. Iktara – Wake Up Sid 
To make a solid mark with one song in an album that has Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy as its official music directors is no small feat! But Amit Trivedi did just that and delivered what is undoubtedly one of the best compositions of the year  Iktara. This tranquil composition from Wake Up Sid is a beautiful blend of rustic and western influences. Javed Akhtar is at his magical best only he can so fittingly put on paper the unexpressed thoughts that run in all our minds! And Sufi singer Kavita Seth stuns you with her mesmerizing vocals. Also Amitabh Bhattacharya (lyricist of Dev D) makes a brilliant guest appearance in this track! But finally its Trivedi’s heart-warming composition that bowls you over.

Other notable mentions: 
Dhan Te Nan – Kaminey , Masakali & Dil Gira Dafatan – Delhi 6.

PS: The selection of these songs is purely based on personal choice and not on album sales or popularity charts.

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