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Bumm Bumm Bole

Bumm Bumm Bole depicts a poignant tale of two siblings and a host of dilemmas that they are pitted against. Set in the militancy infested North Eastern India the film focuses on a family of Atul Kulkarni, his wife, Rituparna Sengupta, and their two school-going children, Darsheel Safary and Ziyah Vastani.

In a bid to provide quality education and a better life for his kids, Kulkarni strives to earn a decent living. The family is, however, engulfed by poverty and struggles really hard to make ends meet. On one such ominous day, Safary accidentally loses his sister’s shoes. The sheer poverty of the household keeps Safary from asking for a new pair for his sister. Since Vastani’s school timings end before Safary’s, the brother-sister duo choose to share Safary’s tattered shoes.

On a parallel note, Kulkarni is embroiled in deeper controversy related to terrorism. He is further stressed by the local police when his brother in law turns out to be a terrorist. All this while the kids manage to discreetly stash away the secret of sharing shoes from their parents.

A brilliant student at school, Safary soon learns about an interschool marathon that offers brand new sneakers as the third prize, which is what he aims to win rather than the first prize. Despite various attempts to come third in the race, Safary manages to win it. However, with Kulkarni soon bagging a job and buying new shoes for the kids, the family’s problems begin to fade away.

An Indian adaptation of Majid Majidi’s Iranian film Children Of Heaven, director Priyadarshan has done justice to the film. Kulkarni as the frustrated father, Sengupta as the distressed mother and Vastani as the innocent daughter are all convincing in their roles. Safary, in his second film, is good. The cinematography is picturesque with the scenic locations beautifully captured. The background score manages to lend drama. The VFX heavy song sequence is redundant and can be done away with. The screenplay and editing managed to keep the narrative lucid.

On the whole, a good attempt but not the kind affluent multiplex going kids can relate to totally.

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