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Off-camera, I am just a normal guy: Aly Goni

Being a celebrity comes with its perks and privileges, while some take its advantage, some maintain a decent stand. And then there are some like Aly Goni, who do not have any starry tantrums at all. The actor is known for his performance in shows like "Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan" and "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein", and enjoys a massive fan following, but he says as soon as he leaves the set, he is just a normal guy.

He is currently shooting in Patiala for his upcoming webseries "Zidd" where he will play the role of an army officer. He said, "While shooting here, people came to meet me and even said that they were not expecting me here. I lead a very normal life. I have been through the whole of Patiala on foot. I just put on my mask and my cap and leave. I have been to all the markets here, I have tried their yummy food, saw all the tourist attractions, all on foot. I don't enjoy the perks and privileges that come with my job, instead, I am very happy in leading a normal life. Off-camera I am just a normal guy."

But how do people recognise you with your mask on? "Well, that's the funny part. Even with my mask people could identify me by my tattoo, some even said that they could recognise me because of my eyes. They will come and stare at me and ask 'Are you Aly?'. But then I think from their perspective that they see me daily so obviously they will know it's me." 

The actor, however, admits that he maintains the COVID protocols and tries not to disappoint his fans too at the same time. 

"I love meeting them, but because of the COVID scenario, I ask them to maintain a distance, and sometimes I take their phone and click selfies. I follow the protocols but try not to disappoint my fans," Aly said.  

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