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Can you guess the actor playing the grandfather in Once More?

Actors transform themselves to play certain characters. They lose or gain weight, grow or shave facial hair, use prosthetics and other makeup tricks. It is also not uncommon to see men dress up as women on screen, usually for a scene or song. But not often do we see an actor play the role of the opposite gender throughout the film.

This is happening in the Naresh Bidkar directorial Once More. In the film veteran actress, Rohini Hattangadi will be seen in two roles and one of that is of a grandfather! The actress has worked very hard on the look and body language of the character. The picture above is proof enough that it is indeed going to be a completely different role for the seasoned actress. She had to sit through nearly five hours before the shoot to get the makeup and two hours after the shoot to get it off.

What is interesting is that this role is not just about appearance and body language. In fact, Hattangadi had action scenes as well in the get up of a man. Talking about taking up this role she says, "I like taking on challenges and this role was too. But I enjoyed it. So doing the action scenes with all the makeup was also fun. I hope the audience also likes me in this avatar."

Once More will hit screens on August 1. Till then stay tuned to Box Office India for the latest news from Marathi cinema. 

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