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Case files: A web-show based on investigations of national interest

Producers Sameer Dixit, Jatish Varma and Girish Johar are set to produce a multi-season web series, an intense police procedural drama that will be based on investigations of national interest. 

They gathered all the details of these high profile cases from Head of Special Investigation Team, Appointed by Govt of India to handle assassination Of Indian Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi - Amod Kanth, a former Police officer who has investigated cases like assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and Lalit Maken to name a few. 

The show aims to break new grounds and will serve as a vehicle for making statements about issues that matter in building and shaping up of any nation and how India as an emerging country was being perceived by global powers.

Each season will cover one extremely high profile case, showcasing the in-depth investigation of the crime, analysing the various aspects of the case, understanding its impact on our nation and how, these key cases, charted on a course towards changing the political - economic - social mindset of the nation.

The first season is touted to be based on Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi while season 2 will be based on the Hawala case that will show the the rise and fall of Harshad Mehta.

From the police case files of the multiple cases investigated under Amod Kanth, 3-5 high profile cases will be hand-picked, based on their nation-wide political, social, financial impact on our country forming an intense multi season web series.

The producers said, “We were always intrigued by cases like these which changed the face of crime in India. Once we heard the details from Mr.Kanth, we were sure that the real stories should be brought out and reach the Indian and global audiences. We got him on board as we are sure these stories will not only be an eye opener but will change our perception of what goes in the inside corridors of politics and power!”

The makers are already in advance stages of talks with key talents and technicians for the same.

-Rani Bohra.
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