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Cast System

With Kapoor & Sons receiving praise from the audience and critics alike, we spoke to casting directorPanchami Ghavri who shared her journey on finding the gems like Faheem Shaikh (Boobly),  Amarjeet Singh (Plumber) and Sukant Goel (Wasim, the photographer friend).

When a film is being made, the lead actors are sometimes finalised by the director-producer while the script is being written. That’s what happened when I stepped in for Kapoor & Sons. Fawad Khan, Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Rishi Kapoor had already been signed.

Shakun (Batra, director) had worked with Ratna (Pathak Shah) earlier so it was easy to communicate with her. When it came to the role played by Rajat Kapoor, we had earlier thought of a bunch of other people but when we finally met him and he read the script, he instantly said ‘yes’ to the film.

It’s a very real story and everyone connected with it, including the audience. Rajat was very interested in the film. Of course, between Shakun and myself, we had to work on the chemistry between the husband and wife and it was very important to make sure that the pairing worked out. Also, as a father and mother, they had to look a certain way on screen. When Shakun and I would discuss this, we used to place pictures of the actors side by side just to see which two people would look best together.

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