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Casual Vibe And Wedding Beats

Bosco Martis, who is responsible for the very fresh and crisp steps in the songs Gulaabo and Shaam shandaar in Shaandaar, talks about working with Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor, who he says is a born dancer

Brief from Vikas Bahl for Gulaabo

Vikas was very clear about what he wanted, so he explained the entire scene to me. His brief was that Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt decide to surprise the bride-to-be (Sanah Kapoor), so they make a little underground place into a party zone. Also, the song was created to make Sanah’s character feel special, so everyone at the party is posing as a guy, including the female characters. That’s why you see Alia wearing a moustache in the song. Vikas wanted it to look very pleasant and different, and that’s how we created that atmosphere, set and dance moves.

On Gulaabo

To be very honest, a choreographer can give the best steps to a song but if the song itself is not good, the moves will not stand out. Gulaabo was a very catchy number, which has a casual vibe while also being a dance number. We kept it simple and deliberately used moves that anyone can do.

The Challenge

The challenge to create this song was that Shahid and Alia were not the stars of the song; their dance moves are the focus here. Also, we had to make Sanah’s character look special. But Shahid and Alia are such good dancers that they tend to grab all the attention. We had to choreograph the song in a way that Sanah looked more important. The best thing about Shahid and Alia was that they surrendered to the song by going with the flow, and didn’t take away the spotlight. They knew what the script demanded and they let Sanah take centrestage.

On Shaam Shaandaar

Shaam shaandaar is a baraat song. Vikas wanted a traditional baraat number but since we have already seen so many baraat songs in Hindi movies, the challenge was to create one which had never been seen or done before. So we gave the song a grand scale. We used desi dhol wallahs but in a different manner. The earlier idea was to have a palace as the backdrop but we couldn’t shoot the song in London as it would have resulted in a huge traffic jam, so we shot it in Mumbai.

The Signature Step

While we were choreographing the song, Shaam shaandaar, there is a salute step which Vikas said should be the signature move. The music of the film is really very good; it has beats which demanded good moves. This made my work easier.

On Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor

Alia is a sweet child. In this film, she discovered dance. I was a tad sceptical before we started and wondered whether she would be able to match moves with Shahid. She proved me wrong on the very first day. As soon as she encounters a difficult step, she takes it up as a challenge and learns it. There was this one step which she just couldn’t get right and she started crying. But after a few hours, she did it properly. She is a fantastic dancer.

I don’t think I need to speak about Shahid’s dance moves. He is a born dancer. When you give him a step, he always improves it. He also comes up with some fabulous steps on the sets. So while practicing, he would do something completely out of the box. He is also very energetic. It is fun to work with the new generation. They are game to experiment and are also great dancers.

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